Friday, September 10, 2010

The Hanoi Circus

Recently Kristin and I checked out the Hanoi Circus. Contrary to the ads we saw on the street, motorbike-driving bears didn't make an appearance on this particular night. However, we did get to see monkeys ride bicycles, which more than made up for it in my opinion.

We had a great time and hope you enjoy our "best of" video montage.

Hanoi Circus from Will Bankston on Vimeo.

Much love and thanks for sharing life with us,
Will and Kristin


  1. did i just see monkeys riding bicycles?!

  2. Not only did they ride. They also fell and got back up. We can learn a lot from those little guys. Plus they were wearing people clothes.

  3. Ha, I could hear Kristin yelling in the background, ...he's so cute... I think it was her or some Vietnamese speaks pretty good English.

  4. Don't be too impressed, guys. I can ride a bicycle too, okay!

  5. Those biking monkeys seriously just made my day. Maybe my week. - Tim